Striving to be great!
I'm sorry water but you have been taken over with by @sparklingice
blessed to make it to 25 years. so many people don't even make it too see to the day of light. Thank you mom and my lord for the life you have given me.
@lavonhouse showing me how to box.


It has been an offseason of diligent work and personal change for Davon House, but through becoming a father and working to transform a key part of his game, the Green Bay Packers corner insists he’s the same person—just with different hands. That has been the primary focus for No. 31 this offseason: improving his…



Last month, Davon and his wife Leatricia welcomed their first child, Lavon House to the world. Lavon was born Tuesday, May 13th and weighed six pounds, four ounces. Between working hard in OTAs with the Green Bay Packers, Davon has been busy playing father to his newborn son. To stay up to date on the…

hahah Lavon said he going to be the next QB for the packers!